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Have you ever been mackerel fishing? It was the best fishing trip I have been on, and I can proudly say that I caught four mackerel!

"Someone say four mackerel?!"

"Someone say four mackerel?!"

Mackerel are usually found about 8 ft to 20 ft under water and do not often reach the shore line so we hopped on board in anticipation! 

Boating fun in St Ives

Boating fun in St Ives

Our boat captain briefed us on how to achieve the best catch. It was so simple but fun as we all held our a mackerel fishing lines over the side of the boat. We each used a weighted line which had a hook on the end and a tiny red fleck of feathery-looking bait. As the weighted line was thrown into the water it plunged down into the depths and towards the sea bed (this is known as ‘feathering’).

What fun...
What fun…

After a short while we were instructed to quickly wind up our line and it is the motion of pulling up the line at speed that seemed to attract the fish to the bait.

I worked next to a Doctor and his son and all three of us managed to catch a fish, whilst some of the other guys were unlucky (I noticed our feathers were red and some other people had yellow ones – top tip there folks!!).

It is an amazing feeling (as a ‘none fishing person’) when you actually realise you have caught a fish and pull it up the line.

Catch of the day!

Catch of the day!

As we wrapped up the spare line into the mackerel fishing line frame, the fish were lively and their silvery skin seemed to gleam freshness and wholesomeness as they appeared at the surface.

The boat echoed in excitement as fish came over board and people shared ideas of how they would later be enjoyed on BBQs across Cornwall by all us budding fishing folk!

I enjoyed the fish simply stuffed with lemon wedges and thyme leaves and then placed on the BBQ and cooked for approximately three minutes each side until cooked through. The fillets lifted easily from the fish and tasted superb. After all, even a wild cook wants a simple holiday meal!

Cornwall is definitely a great place to go mackerel fishing – especially with a red feather!

What an amazing place- Happy Days

What an amazing place- Happy Days

I am sure the “Fishermens’ Friends” band we watched earlier on in the week on the beach at Port Isaac would have been proud of us tourists!

Steph x

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