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When the Harrogate Flower Show comes to town, we at Rudding Park jump to it! Over the course of the show we had Peter Banks, Managing Director, demonstrating how to make jams, jellies and chutneys, Paul Mackie, Sous Chef, paving the way with Yorkshire Game and Autumnal fruits, and myself demonstrating twice with the joys of Autumn produce and a three course meal to get you in the Autumn spirit! We had a very floral amount of fun!!

So having an hour to spare, it seemed quite the thing to go and have a look at what was happening around the Harrogate Flower Show before going on to support the students from Leeds City College as they did their ‘cook off’ demonstration. One of the students, James Cardon, won an amazing Kin knife thanks to the generosity of the sponsor of the competition on that day, Womersley Vinegars.

Gilly (M.C), Jonathan, Stephanie -Me!, James , Wendy from Womersley and Paul.
Gilly (M.C), Jonathan, Stephanie -Me!, James , Wendy from Womersley and Paul.

After the demonstration I took the students along to the giant vegetable stands and we marvelled at the cabbages…!!

Cabbage heaven

Cabbage Heaven!!

I have heard of the Cabbage Patch Kids but this cabbage was amazing! Could it be the caterer’s way forward with one cabbage feeding a small banquet?! Could chefs all across Great Britain be reaching for their knives to shred this beauty?!

And leeks -well here is a handy photo of some giant specimens. Unfortunately, even this picture doesn’t do them full justice, they really were enormous!!

Handy Leeks

Handy Leeks

Lastly, as chefs we all get a little tired of the sight of onions but who would not want to know these beauties?!



A veritable buffet of tears would be on show if you tried to peel the layers of these onion wild cooks! But crying aside, having the world’s biggest onion on show at the Flower Show, this 17.5 lb beauty would definitely have you in tears!

The Guinness Book of Records were present at the show, and yes the onion was a winner and now holds the title of the biggest onion in the world ever!

Podium of onions!

Podium of onions!


That’shallot folks!!!

Steph x

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