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It seems like I’m not the only one who has been busy discovering nature’s delights in the grounds of Rudding Park.

Although not strictly foraging related I felt I just had to share this gorgeous photo with you, which was taken by Tim Richardson, one of Rudding Park’s golf members, as he played his early morning round on the Hawtree course …

Pheasants in the grounds at Rudding Park

A couple of pheasants in the grounds at Rudding Park

If any of you have taken any photos of wildlife whilst you’ve been out foraging I’d love to see them!


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The Wild Cook has been busy trying to find some wild food in this bad weather but it has been tough even for the hardiest of Yorkshire farmer’s daughters!

February 1 saw the end of the pheasant and partridge shooting season. Pheasants can now go back to roaming wild for a few months – I bet they’re grateful!

These regal old birds (yes – I am talking about the pheasants!) are great so long as you slow cook them until they almost fall off the bone in a moist heavenly stew. So if you are lucky enough to have been given some birds from the beater’s shoot, or if you have any in the freezer, my favourite recipe is Yorkshire Pheasant and Bay Leaf Casserole, Red Wine & Spices

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BlackberriesAs the nights start to get a little chilly and the days become shorter, the hedgerow gives us food to bottle and preserve in abundance.

Not only are the last few blackberries crying out to be made into bramble jam, but apples, tomatoes and pears are ready for chutney!

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