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On a cold and crisp January morning we set off for an animal tracking walk Wild Cook Style.  After a hearty bowl of porridge we set off tracking through the snow.

We came across a clearing in the snow where 15 deer were feeding on the few blades of grass peeping through, thanks to the shelter given by the trees.  But by the time I had taken my camera out of my pocket they had darted off (note to self be faster on the camera draw! Watch out Calamity Jane!).

So here are the tracks we did see and great fun was had by all.  These helpful tips show you how to track wildlife in the snow …..

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Feed the Birds

BluetitDon’t worry, the Wild Cook hasn’t spent the festive period watching Mary Poppins!  However, we do need to spare a thought for our feathered friends at this time of year.

When I was walking into Rudding Park today, with snow lying serenely all around, the scene was almost magical.

BlackbirdHowever, as the snow continued to fall and the fields and hedgerows quickly disappeared under a blanket of white, I could not help thinking of their inhabitants.  It is slim pickings out there at the moment.  If the Wild Cook cannot find any food to forage (apart from some fantastic Game), imagine how hard our feathered friends are working to find something to eat.

Here are some quick and easy ideas to feed the birds during colder spells …

Feed the Birds – Bird Feed Pie, Orange Hanger and Buttery Heaven

The Wild Cook

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WoodpigeonRetro food is making a come back and these two recipes originated from an ancient cook book a lady found in her loft! So I’ve put a Wild Cook twist on these traditional game recipes, with some mouth watering results. You will see from the photos that they look tasty offerings.

Surprise of Pigeon (Baked Pigeon en Croute with Apples and a Burgundy Jus)

Mumble of Rabbits (Poached Rabbit with Fresh Herbs and Onion)

The Wild Cook

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