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Many people have been using duck eggs for years to give the best results for baking, but a more recent trend is to serve duck eggs for breakfast – a really tasty treat.

So how can we get hold of them if we do not have a small holding with a couple of happy ducks pecking away?

A good idea is to check out the following link:

North Yorkshire Local Food – Where To Shop

Or if you fancy having your own ready supply of Duck eggs, you may be interested in looking at the following website, which has a list of breeders:  Call Duck Association – Domestic Waterfowl Breeders.

For an Easter egg with a difference, why not try our great duck egg recipe … you would be quackers not to!

Duck Eggs Poached in Red Wine, on Toast with Flaked Smoked Haddock

Do you have any top tips for other dishes to cook with duck eggs? If so I’d love to hear about them.

Happy cooking – The Wild Cook and Donald!

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Yes, Wild Cooks, this forced beauty (commonly known as rhubarb!) which you have heard me regularly blog about, now holds the protected title of an EU “Designation of Origin”.

This means that Yorkshire forced rhubarb has secured a safe future for the 12 growers left in the, now even more famous, “Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle”.  Rhubarb has been grown in the region since 1870 and it is fantastic that we are still be able to enjoy these pink stems of wonder.

Now to celebrate this I have an unusual sounding recipe for you to enjoy – ‘Rhubarb Mould’.  This is one of my all time childhood favourites – I remember sitting on the sofa at home eating a bowl of this simple pudding.  Don’t be put off by the name …

Rhubarb Mould recipe

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Feeling like Easter is around the corner, I can always remember, as a girl, picking Primroses off the banks at the side of the farm track and giving them to my Granny for her Easter Sunday gift.

So I always think of Granny when making this fresh, light jelly.  Using this delicate flower, the jelly has a zingy, zesty edge to it.  The main ingredient of traditional lemonade is delicately topped off with some of Granny Betty’s favourite Primrose flower petals – it is a great finish to a light lunch or evening meal.

Nowadays wild primroses are protected, so make sure you use ones from your own garden:

Traditional Lemonade and Primrose Flower Jelly Pots recipe

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No foodies, I’m not talking about cattle fodder time, but a tasty dish for your dinner table. Why not pull this bulbous beauty out of your allotment and turn it into something quite delicious. 

As I was washing off my turnips the other day, it took me back to a postcard I used to have hanging on my kitchen wall – a turnip cartoon character of that famous singer; Tina Turnip.  Honestly I ask you!  There are of course other classic lurking around like Broccoli Spears and Sole man, but that’s probably taking things a step too far!

Anyway, I thought you might like to try our recipe for Turnips glazed in Thyme – a great way to make turnips more tempting … and perhaps, when you’re peeling your turnips, the song ‘Simply the Best’ by that famous singer, ‘Tina Turnip’ will pop into your mind!

Do you have any other ways to give this underrated vegetable some TLC? If so I’d love to hear from you!

The Wild Cook x

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Just a few ‘wild cards’ if you are struggling for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day this Sunday …

For just £6.95 you could buy your mother a Cherry Plum or a Juniper Tree – you would be barking to miss it – think of all the future fruits!

Or if you’re wanting to spend a bit more, maybe you could treat her to a foraging self sufficient course for £35.

And finally (don’t try to worm yourself out of this one!),  if you’re still stuck for ideas and are looking for something a bit different, what about a stylish wormery so your mother can turn her peelings and egg boxes into rich wonderful compost – great for Mother’s roses!

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Yellison Farm Goats

Image kindly supplied by Yellison Farm

We Wild Cooks are always on the look out for new products, so I thought you might be interested in a Yorkshire twist to a Scottish classic – Yellison’s Farm Crowdie Goat’s Cheese.
No “Kidding” folks, this is a wonderful product – we have been using it at Rudding Park for over a year.  Plus I used it on my main course dish in a recent competition I did in London – it struck me as being a really fresh approach to mix it with cauliflower and milk.  It makes an interesting twist to cauliflower cheese. 

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Well, Wild Cooks, what an amazing day I had on Monday at the Salon Culinaire Chef of the Year final, held at London’s ExCel.  The competition was intense and the food I cooked was all Yorkshire favourites of mine.

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