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Pasta and Olive OilComing from an Iberian county, olive oil is the centre of the kitchen – we use olive oil in everything.  I absolutely love olive oil.  I love it so much that on one occasion whilst back packing in India I had an enormous craving for olive oil drizzled on plain pasta.  The pasta was easy to find but there was no olive oil anywhere is Jaipur. After a few days of searching, in desperation I went to a pharmacy and I was delighted to discover that Indian boys use olive oil in their hair!  I can only tell you that this oil was super drizzled in pasta.

One of my best childhood memories is seeing bottles of olive oil at home with all sorts of things infusing in them.  I have a special recollection of an enormous bottle that was full of chillies.  Once a year it was our family tradition to top it up with new chillies and olive oil.

Many years later, I discovered that this bottle was in fact piri piri.  My family is originally from Mozambique, where piri piri comes from so when we moved to Portugal in 1974, the piri piri culture kept going in the house!

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Steph Moon foraging in Rudding Park by Matt Clark

foraging for nettles and burdock leaves

A stunning dish with a real sting of flavour!

Time to don your rubber gloves, my wild friends, and get out in the woods to pick some Nettle tops.  Yes – there still are some tender young shoots out  there. Pick them and give them a good wash and try this amazing zingy, zesty pasta for a snack right from the track.

Linguine Nettle and Fine Fettle Pasta Recipe

Nettle foraging tips:

This is quite a simple snack, but follow a few rules when foraging for nettles

  • Do not forage where they may have sprayed pesticides
  • Pick the tops only as they are the tender tips
  • Always wear rubber gloves or you will get stung

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Dear Wild Cooks

What fun we had at the ‘Deliciouslyorkshire Welcome to Yorkshire Cookery Theatre’ when the “Deliciouslyorkshire champions” from the last three years met on stage.

I had the pleasure of cooking local produce whilst the producers – Janet Oldroyd from the famous Oldroyd’s Rhubarb in the Rhubarb triangle and Judy Bell, the driving force behind the wonder that is Yorkshire Blue Cheese – provided commentary.

Yorkshire Show Deliciously Yorkshire Cookery Theatre

Yorkshire Show 2010

Nigel Barden from Radio Two’s Thursday drive time show was an excellent Compare – brilliant fun and a true professional (he is the one looking well rested as he stayed at Rudding Park the night before!)

Yorkshire Show - Deliciouslyorkshire Champions

Yorkshire Show 2010

From left to right … Janet Oldroyd Hume , me and Judy Bell – two amazing ladies I have a lot of respect for as they are true Yorkshire Champions!


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Basket of CrabsOh my Wild Cooks – it is time to get crabby! I am of course talking about sampling the delights of Yorkshire’s very own Whitby crab. And what better way to enjoy it than with a mouthwateringly fresh crab, crayfish and avocado cocktail.

Local Whitby Crab cannot be beaten – the flavour is amazing and the texture juicy and decadent.

July crabs are best bought and cooked ASAP to get the best taste from your fresh friend.

My top tip is to buy live crabs (if you are the daring sort) and cook them for 20 minutes per kg up to 1kg, then 10 minutes per kg thereafter.

Whitby Crab and Crayfish CocktailDo not forget to remove the dead men’s fingers – those feathery filaments you find under the crab’s belly.  These evil things are called that name for a reason!  But the rest of the crab is great food.

A top tip for afterwards is to roast the shells and make them into a good stock for sauces or soups.  If you would rather cheat and buy your picked crab meat I promise not to tell anyone!

Either way, I hope you enjoy our mouth watering crab cocktail.

Steph x

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RaspberriesDear Wild Cooks

Do you remember this sketch on the Two Ronnies?

Well it was great fun and as a young girl it used to really make me laugh. Since then I have always loved raspberries and now is the season when these succulent red berries are in their prime.

This recipe for a fresh exciting raspberry fool is no joke and is a real favourite of mine:

Raspberry Fool Recipe

Well folks that’s all for now as I’m heading off now to finish my preparations for the Yorkshire Show, which starts tomorrow, so it’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from the hedgerow!

Any other ideas how to get the Phantom in your cooking with raspberries?


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Well, Wild Cooks, we had some great fun at the Foodies Festival in Leeds recently.  Here’s a photo of yours truly knee deep in strawberry tasters. 

Rudding Park's Stephanie Moon at Foodies Festival

yours truly at the Foodies Festival

These Yorkshire berries are really at their best now, so my assiette of three Strawberry and Elderflower tasters went down a real treat with the audience. The dish was garnished with some amazing fresh Elderflowers that are just at their best now.

Rudding Park's Stephanie Moon at Leeds Foodies Festival

demonstrating at the Foodies Festival

If you want to sample these berry delights for yourself, why not have a go at my recipe.

Assiette of Strawberry Desserts

Assiette of Strawberry Desserts

Alternatively we have some amazing Yorkshire Strawberries on our Food Heroes menu at Clocktower at the moment – highly recommended!

Finally, if you missed us at the Foodies, the Rudding Park Wild Cooks will be in action again at next week’s Great Yorkshire Show on the Harrogate Show Ground.

Catch myself and Nigel Sampson from Holme Farm Venison in the ‘Game Cookery Theatre’ at 12 noon on Tuesday 13 July or check out my Sloe Cocktails and Yorkshire Tapas in the ‘Welcome to Yorkshire and deliciouslyorkshire Cookery Theatre’ at 11.30am on Thursday 15 July.

Yorkshire food rocks!

 Steph x

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Cherry PlantOh yes, my wild cook companions, the cherry season is here and it is bursting with excitement.

I love everything about cherries – everything that is, except the stone!  They have such a summery taste and to quote Lady Ga Ga, I am definitely feeling very ‘Cherry Cherry Boom Boom’

Here is a quick, easy way to get the ‘boom boom’ into your cherries – Cherry Roast Duck Salad.

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