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Perhaps not the most appealing name for a foraged food but certainly one of the most talked about. Mugwort – what is it and where can you find it? Above all, what is so good about it? Some really deep questions for a foraging food that is on all the hard-core foragers’ menus at the moment.

Where to find it?

Unfortunately it is bad news for hay fever sufferers as Mugwort is known to set noses running and eyes itching. This amazing plant  stuffed up many a goose in Germany over Christmas.

Japanese eat it in their rice cakes, Koreans in soups and salads and even teas.

Weather you are using Mugwort to spice up your meat dishes or liven up a pudding with a difference this is a plant that is the definite favourite of the foragers one could say the “sunblushed tomato of the 1980’s or the “espuma” of the 2000’s!

We chefs follow fashion like anyone else …

I am off to go and cook up some Mugwort and get back to you on the flavours and whole cookery experience…

Why not look at this amazing venison recipe using Mugwort and every chefs favourite at the moment- Wild Garlic Shoots.


(No warts on me!)

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Dear Wild Cooks,

Spring is a here and the nature we all love is budding into life again after a relatively mild winter. Wild garlic shoots are peeping out, but today is all about wood sorrel and as Rene Redzepi (Chef owner of the world’s finest restaurant, Noma) recently said, “wood sorrel is the glue that holds my kitchen team together”! Another local character here in Yorkshire and a foraging buddy of mine, Chris Bax, calls it the “Haribo of the forest”!

In order to source wood sorrel whilst out foraging, here’s a few tips on what to look out for…

1. A nice woods with no dogs nearby!

2. A thin stem about the size of a piece of salad cress but usually a little thinner with a burgundy tinge towards the base of the stem. This greeny burgundy leaf has delicate heart shaped petals (three in a clover like form) and is a lovely garnish for any salad.

See recipe here, Whitby Seafish Mackerel, Forager’s Salad, Pickled Baby Vegetables

Whitby Seafish Mackerel, Forager's Salad, Pickled Baby Vegetables

Whitby Seafish Mackerel, Forager's Salad, Pickled Baby Vegetables

Happy Cooking!

Steph x

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