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I trotted off to see what it was all about.

I have known Judy Bell now for a number of years and have always been impressed by her professionalism and by building a great business that is based on cheese that she used to make on her kitchen table!

Katy, Judy and Caroline holding the new Harrogate Blue in the Town centre

Katy, Judy and Caroline holding the new Harrogate Blue in the Town centre

Having had a go at making cheese myself I can tell you it is not easy and the quality of the milk is vital. Did you know you can bruise milk? No, me neither!

Well this cows milk cheese is a real winner and I am going to make a quick dish of Harrogate Blue potatoes and see how I get on….

See recipe here…..

Yes an hour later I have a bubbling bowl of carbohydrate joy. Harrogate Blue Potatoes are top notch and tasty stuff.

Deputy Mayor and Mayoress Of Harrogate with Caroline Bell not feeling Blue

Deputy Mayor and Mayoress Of Harrogate with Caroline Bell not feeling Blue

Cow’s milk cheeses can get that really soft finish- this Blue has no harsh blue flavour but is extremely mellow.

I’m a  Harrogate Lady who is thrilled to shout about this, and no Wild Cooks I am not being cheesy!

It is sincere -a great gift to local chefs, local shops stock it and if they don’t you can order online I believe at:


As Judy lets her daughter’s take over the reins of Shepherds Purse I am sure she will be happy in the knowledge this cheese offering will no doubt be another sucess.

Steph Le Grande Fromage! X

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Whilst driving to Rudding Park this morning I was struck by the beautiful elderflowers in full bloom outside the front gates and thought it was time to get snap happy and capture the moment.

Elderflower in all its glory

Elderflower in all its glory

Let me tell you, there is no better way to start work than with the smell of sweet elderflower in your system! So let’s get jiggy with it and bounce these floral power houses into a dish to dazzle and delight the family.

I’m pretty sure everyone loves elderflower cordial, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t! So how is it made? Please view my recipe here.

However it is not all perfume and flowers Wild Cooks, the perfect accompaniment with a lovely glass of iced cordial is a piece of mint shortbread. I have had to walk over hot coals for this recipe and it is definitely the best shortbread I have ever eaten, with a secret and very unexpected ingredient. Click here for the recipe.

The two together make a refreshing snack ideal for a very hot day- lets hope we get chance to use it hey?! But if not the cordial keeps well in the fridge when opened and the biscuits keep for a week or two in an airtight container.

The flower power is here, alive and well in the grounds of Rudding Park!

Peace and love!

Steph x

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The end result for me is how to make the whole experience more enjoyable, and that my friends is down to the food!

Personally I would like nothing more than to eat a home made burger whilst watching the footie. My bursting burger beauty has foragers’ food in its sights and is a meaty number topped with a little Yorkshire magic.

If you are interested in making a forager’s burger please view the recipe here.

A Forager's Burger

A Forager’s Burger

If this doesn’t take your fancy, read below for a few tips about what is good at the moment – trust me there are so many foragers’ finds in June!

1. Lime leaves are stunning and can be eaten straight from the tree. At the moment these fresh, moist leaves are perfect in any summer salad.

Wonderful Lime Leaves

Wonderful Lime Leaves

2. Salad Burnet is a beauty. Although a little bitter in taste, when used in a good mix of salads, this leaf adds a bite to a bowl of green that cannot be argued with!

3. Bladder Campion is coming into its own and looking good.

4. Something sweet perhaps? Why not try sweet cicely in a pie or elderflower in a glass of lemonade. Many years ago I remember trying Elderflower Champagne in the pig pen (we did not have pigs at the time!). I found myself in a sticky situation when a bottle exploded and covered the pen in Elderflower Champagne!

Coming back to the topical subject of the UEFA Euro 2012, perhaps we could celebrate with some Elderflower Champagne if the boys do us proud?!

Here’s hoping…

Steph x

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