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When Marian Farrah asked if I would come over to St Aidan’s and cook with the students it was an opportunity to see tomorrow’s budding young chefs today- so count me in!

These students had stayed behind after school to be a part of this cookery club so extra marks for effort on their part.

Well what to cook in a few hours from scratch and keep them busy so we went for an old classic a Cinnamon, pear and vanilla roulade. Light and Christmassy and if you are not a fan of pears or vanilla there is an alternative roulade here on the wild cooks blog for Baileys Roulade (Equally Christmassy but one not to take to school!).

The students are encouraged to show real enterprise by the school and Marian is Business and Community Partnerships Leader who with the help of Jenny Betteridge head of Food Technology quickly got the group ready for us to begin.

Even the Head John Wood popped in to see what we were getting up to so it really was like being back at School!


The students were great and amazingly quiet and well behaved (I really was very impressed!) and they watched my demo very carefully. The school had everything to hand (thank you Jenny) and soon I was plating the pudding ready for the students to have a go.

The students found cooking really fun and they got stuck in and worked hard. There was the odd hiccup when cream was over whipped but we got over that with extra on hand just in case!

There was not a bad meringue roulade in sight. Every child achieved something which was brilliant and some cooked so well us older chefs best watch out! Here comes the next generation…

There was a little competition and the top three Students were:

Charlie Hudson

Richard Lee- Rogers

And Olivia Heard just look at their dishes…


The students really impressed me and the organisation of the school was great, plenty of parental support on hand to watch our presentation for the winners and everyone had a great time.

Cooking with the future….

Steph x

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When you get home and find carrier bags full of gifts you know you have good neighbours! I found some carrier bags brimming with fruity fun all ready for traditional bottling at its best.

Gifts are great! You should always make the most of them so I set to work making some chutney and here is the weird thing folks there is no recipe!

It is cooking by photos wild cooks so we can tinker and fix this recipe depending on what we can find in the hedgerow or in my case what my neighbours leave hung on the back door.

Julia, my neighbour’s Mum, has a massive apple tree and I have eaten these yummy apples many times.  It made sense to make chutney when Margaret, another neighbour, left me a bag laiden with green tomatoes. So here we go Chutney from the store cupboard. Here is what I found….

Green tomato and Apple gifts -Yipee!

Green tomato and Apple gifts -Yipee!

Next chop your onions, ginger, garlic and a little chilli.

 So fry off some onions, chilli, ginger and garlic in a little vegetable oil without any colour then add sugar, smoked paprika, vinegar, water and salt.Stirring in the brown sugar

Smoked Paprika for some depth of flavour

Smoked Paprika for some depth of flavour

Add fruit vinegar (or white wine vinegar)- we are using fruit-Lemon, basil and bay.

Adding the salt

Adding the salt

Check the seasoning and make sure there is enough sugar and a good balance of vinegar.

Then pour the chutney into the sterilised jars (simply wash in boiling hot water dry off). Seal the lids by heating them in boiling hot water to soften the seal and then screw the lid on tightly. Add a label of your choice but remember the chutney is best left a moth or two before eating.

Once open always place in the fridge.

Happy chutney making without a recipe! (Live life on the edge!)

Steph x

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