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What is your game!

The Great Yorkshire Show Game Cookery Theatre

This year’s Game Cookery Theatre was bigger and better than ever. Here are some of the highlights…

photo (65)photo (64)

Glen Morrill from Rudding Park teamed up with Head Butcher from Fodder, Paul Nicolson, and both gents gave superb demonstrations on cooking up some fun dishes including Asian Spiced Venison Salad pictured above. These lads meant business with some fantastic butchery skills and up to the minute cookery from Glen using sous viede and many other techniques .

photo (69)

Heather and her husband Rob cooked a venison burger in fine style even deep frying leaves for a crispy garnish. Farmer Copleys in action! Heather told the crowd of their great farm shop and some of the marketing they have been up to including spookily the square shaped pumpkin, an anti bullying campaign for school children as well as making a superb venison burger with crispy beetroot tops. Game plays a great part at Farmer Copleys.

photo (68)    Burger Heaven!

photo (62)photo (61)   

David Deacon from the Shoulder of Mutton makes gluten free biscuits with venison tasters… David’s wife is gluten free and so consequently David cooks a great deal of gluten free food. Great to know if you suffer from this problem. Here David shows a cheeky little appetiser to excite the taste buds.

Next up came Jason Moore from Provenance Inns with a Raspberry dusted grouse dish.  Stunning bird the grouse, the hardest to shoot and the most interesting to cook although partridge is my personal favourite!

                            photo (57)

photo (58)

Jason’s dish really had packed in plenty of flavour. The raspberry dust giving the top of the grouse some real zing!

photo (59)
Nothing gives Simon Crannage of Swinton Park more pleasure than using his own estate’s venison in his dishes..  Check these out. Venison rolled in onion ash to give it a unique flavour.

                                         photo (91)

photo (76)photo (53)

The fabulous Robert Smith from Sykes helps me to warm up the crowd for a great demo. Robert gave us some of his culinary knowledge on game and its healthy eating properties.

photo (81)  photo (79)

Chris Oakden and Jonny Purnell busy at work preparing four dishes including burgers and this pheasant dish. The Coniston Hotel has a large pheasant shoot and so these chefs cook a great deal of pheasant in season. They do a good job of it too!

photo (84)

Ian Rae and David Spencer from the Cliffemount Hotel in Runswick Bay love game and give us some great game tips in this blistering heat! Love the hat Dave ! x

 photo (85) 

Butchering the venison to get the portion of loin for the main course.

photo (86)

Rosemary Shrager’s rabbit and pork belly dish fresh and inviting.

 photo (83)

A great dish from the Cliffemount Hotel chefs Ian and David using smoked duck, baby beets and potatoes.

photo (15)photo (17)

Dee Morrow from Dee Spice cooking some spicy game dishes. Dee is a Sri Lankan Chef who takes spices and turns food into hot stuff. This is curry that is not to be messed with! Hot and spicy game curry the Dee Spice way.

photo (27)
photo (26)photo (28)     

James Mackenzie from the Pipe and Glass cooks up venison tartar and papperdelle game pasta with summer truffles. Two stunning dishes from one of Yorkshire’s Michelin starred chef’s.  Check out that crowd chef!

         photo (71)

Rob Green, Seafood Chef in Action with some wild fish!

photo (70)

photo (72)

Stunning plate of wild fish three ways steamed , poached and roasted. Loved it Rob.

photo (31)

A great looking dish from Jason Maine.  

 photo (14)

photo (29) 
Paul Mackie from Rudding Park cooked up a stunning dish along with Robert Ramsden from Deli Fresh. Rob then did it again with Jason Maine from The Dean Clough Cookery School alongside Matthew Benson Smith.

photo (39) 

A mini speech from Simon Hamlyn on the beauty of Yorkshire game, the Countryside Alliance and their Game to Eat Campaign started Rosemary’s demo.

photo (20)photo (23)

Rosemary in action with her trusty sous chef Gilly Robinson and a very large crowd! Rabbit terrine looks good! The Venison samosas were delicious. I loved them and tried to eat one a day for my lunch!

photo (43)photo (42)

Next up, Kevin from The Food Academy at Flannels in Leeds. Kev pictured here with the moustache loves to cook with game and shows us how to get the most out of a pigeon.

photo (36) photo (37)

photo (38) 

Wow what to say about the man who describes himself as the Glam Rock Pirate! Michael O’Hare, what a stunning plate of food or should I say a stunning table of pigeon roasted whole. The truffle puree tasted amazing (apparently made with celeriac cooked in milk then white truffle oil and squid ink to colour).  

Next up, me! cooking with my favourite game bird, the partridge, but as I was busy cooking I did not get any photos of the food and I couldn’t get near after the demo!

photo (52)

photo (80)

Venison from Ashley McCarthy was a really great dish. The mini game pie worked a treat too.

 photo (39)

photo (32) 

Next up the Provenance lads, Ben Turner and Josh, in the blistering heat they cooked up a lovely pigeon dish. Perfectly cooked lads!

photo (33) 

photo (60)

Rosemary cooks here with the Leeds City College students Amy and Emily. Her demo was entertaining and fun and she also imparted lots of rabbit knowledge.

photo (46) 

Next up came Chris and his son Tom from Leeds City College. Chris Moorby is the Head Butcher and Tom, his son, a former student. Chris showed us how to make game sausages. Not an easy thing to do I must add but they tasted sensational. Every home should have their own sausage maker!

photo (44)photo (45) 

Nick Copland worked a great crowd of school children into a frenzy with this cookery. Some very interesting prep done to this rabbit with market fresh produce from Leeds.

photo (47)photo (48)

photo (49) photo (50)   

Tim Bilton the man and the dish! Yes folks Mr Bilton was really on form today cooking up a venison pie in shepherds pie style and some tasty Round Green Venison.

photo (54) 

Steven Bulmer is the new kid on the block and his first demo at the Great Yorkshire Show went down a storm with the crowd. Very entertaining and this former Raymond Blanc chef can cook up some lovely pasta in a very short space of time. I can understand why he’s Head Chef at Swinton Park Cookery School.

photo (56)

photo (63) 

Well after all the excitement the students and I enjoyed a beverage outside!

Well done one and all, a great effort to make it the best Great Yorkshire Show yet, certainly with the best weather! Next big show to look out for is the Autumn Flower Show at The Showground in Harrogate in September. I will be going cabbage mental guys !!!!!!
Cabbage heaven

Choux Choux !

Steph x

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