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Well perhaps not a walk, more like a tip toe Wild Cooks, because I have invested in another puppy pictured here playing “Hidey Hidey Hidey Woo!” with her sister!

Hidey Woo!

Hidey Woo!

Yes, Honey Moon has a sister Pickle Moon so now the sweet meets the sour!

She is lovely and what can I say, I never thought I would be the sort who would go googly eyed over a pooch.

Still the new arrival has to learn about foraging from an early age!

We went for a walk and to be honest I was surprised to see the shoots sprouting up all over the river bank in Boroughbridge.

The secret as we all know is to pick the shoots from a place that is not near a footpath (no chance of a stray dog running nearby if you know what I mean!)

Well tip toe indeed Wild cooks because I have invested in another Puppy pictured here playing “Hidey Hidey Hidey Woo!” with her sister !

Keep away from the road more travelled!

Wild garlic shoots of joy are sprouting so summer is definitely on its way, yippee! The gifts nature gives us are no greater than at this time of year with wild garlic, nettles and cleavers clinging to the bushes.

Pickle Moon!

Pickle Moon!

My hounds loved the walk, the garlic got picked and Pickle got her first taste of foraging! Although she did not seem that impressed by the green pointed leaves that thrill me so much. (So much to learn!)

The car on the way home had a hint of garlic, it was there I had the idea to team it with some fillet of Yorkshire beef. If you would like to see what we did with the garlic please read the following recipe here.

Other news: We are all getting excited up here about the Tour De France and as you can see the excitement is infectious. Rudding Park is helping Visit Harrogate to put on the “Vive le Tour Dinner” at the Royal Hall in Harrogate on Saturday 5 July 2014. Our Senior Management Team have helped to put the event together and the menu is very cool- hopefully everyone will agree it’s a taste of what Yorkshire has to offer.

KP and Bienvenue


Time to cycle !

Time to cycle!

Wild Cooks, enjoy your foraging in the run up to the Grand Depart!

Steph x



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