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Whilst driving to Rudding Park this morning I was struck by the beautiful elderflowers in full bloom outside the front gates and thought it was time to get snap happy and capture the moment.

Elderflower in all its glory

Elderflower in all its glory

Let me tell you, there is no better way to start work than with the smell of sweet elderflower in your system! So let’s get jiggy with it and bounce these floral power houses into a dish to dazzle and delight the family.

I’m pretty sure everyone loves elderflower cordial, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t! So how is it made? Please view my recipe here.

However it is not all perfume and flowers Wild Cooks, the perfect accompaniment with a lovely glass of iced cordial is a piece of mint shortbread. I have had to walk over hot coals for this recipe and it is definitely the best shortbread I have ever eaten, with a secret and very unexpected ingredient. Click here for the recipe.

The two together make a refreshing snack ideal for a very hot day- lets hope we get chance to use it hey?! But if not the cordial keeps well in the fridge when opened and the biscuits keep for a week or two in an airtight container.

The flower power is here, alive and well in the grounds of Rudding Park!

Peace and love!

Steph x

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Well, Wild Cooks, we had some great fun at the Foodies Festival in Leeds recently.  Here’s a photo of yours truly knee deep in strawberry tasters. 

Rudding Park's Stephanie Moon at Foodies Festival

yours truly at the Foodies Festival

These Yorkshire berries are really at their best now, so my assiette of three Strawberry and Elderflower tasters went down a real treat with the audience. The dish was garnished with some amazing fresh Elderflowers that are just at their best now.

Rudding Park's Stephanie Moon at Leeds Foodies Festival

demonstrating at the Foodies Festival

If you want to sample these berry delights for yourself, why not have a go at my recipe.

Assiette of Strawberry Desserts

Assiette of Strawberry Desserts

Alternatively we have some amazing Yorkshire Strawberries on our Food Heroes menu at Clocktower at the moment – highly recommended!

Finally, if you missed us at the Foodies, the Rudding Park Wild Cooks will be in action again at next week’s Great Yorkshire Show on the Harrogate Show Ground.

Catch myself and Nigel Sampson from Holme Farm Venison in the ‘Game Cookery Theatre’ at 12 noon on Tuesday 13 July or check out my Sloe Cocktails and Yorkshire Tapas in the ‘Welcome to Yorkshire and deliciouslyorkshire Cookery Theatre’ at 11.30am on Thursday 15 July.

Yorkshire food rocks!

 Steph x

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The grapes of wrath

Yours truely amongst the vines!

Bonjour Wild Cooks

Here’s an entry from over the channel! Yes, even the wildest of cooks likes a little luxury! No, I’m not talking about a night in one of Rudding Park’s deluxe beds … but a taste of the sparkling wonder that is Champagne.

Reims in France was my destination and I am pictured here checking out the grapes growing on the vines.

Checking out the vines

Checking out the vines

Champagne is grown from three grapes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier – pictured are some hanging in the Organic vineyards of Benoir.

Growing Grapes

Growing Grapes

It reminds me of an old family joke –

“What were Tarzans last words?
Who greased that vine!”

Bad, I know, so moving swiftly on …

The Elderflowers were hanging in the trees over there, so it got me to thinking that Elderflowers will soon be out in the UK. So here is a quick, easy way of making a great spring/summer jelly using both Champagne and Elderflowers:

Elderflower and Champagne Jelly Recipe

Steph and champagne bottles

A bit more like it ...!

Happy foraging!

Steph, Chef Sauvage

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