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Yes wild cooks take a look at those hips!

They are healthy and glorious fruits that indicate to us that winter is on its way. Why not try this very simple recipe for Rosehip syrup.

Rosehips - watch out for the thorns!

Simply drop a spoon full of rosehip syrup into a mug of boiling water for a healthy dose of antioxidants. These antioxidants are supposed to help Arthritis folks, so it is good stuff and the best of it is – it’s free!

Now, a word of warning from experience…make sure you wear a waterproof type jacket when picking the rosehips. I pulled my black coat to shreds on the rose thorns (slight exaggeration if I am being honest, but you catch my drift!).

Please take care when foraging on a roadside as pesticides may have been applied to crops and fields that are within your foraging range.

You need to be quite a “hardy” to pick these hips, and responsible too, so do not pick all from one plant, make sure you leave half on the tree.

The syrup that you can produce from rosehips is worth the odd occasional scratch from the rose bush, but I can’t emphasize enough that those thorns are piercing wild cooks! 

Roses are such useful plants, and the wild rose petals are delicate beauties, their perfume is so gentle and easy on the nose. The petals look great crystallised or even dried in pot pourri.

Click here to see my recipe for Rosehip syrup.

Steph x

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“Steph it is that time of year Love?” said Mrs N, an old family friend. “Mr N and I are going on a cruise next week. You will have to come and get the quince yourself dear – you know where the trees are, don’t you?” said Mrs N in her usual bubbly voice “All we want is a jar of quince jelly for us!”

Following on from our conversation, I set off to Settle to pick some quince. They are found on prickly little bushes and Mrs N needn’t worry about me locating the trees, I know exactly where they are…oh yes! I love autumn and quince picking time is fine by me.

Steph foraging in Mrs N's garden!

Steph foraging in Mrs N's garden!

My batch last year was not as good as the year before. However, I must admit I was so eager to show these quince some love, and nurture a great jelly, I had no reservations to set off straight away to pick them again this year.

What is a quince …..? These are little sour punchy apple like fruit and are full of flavour. My dear wild cooks, the quince is a difficult fellow to know, not very hospitable to pick as the thorns may get you, but like all ingredients that are a touch more difficult to prepare, wow – what great jelly these unfriendly fruits can produce! The flavours bounce around your mouth like a ping pong ball.

Peter, one of our other wild cooks and Managing Director of the luxury hotel, golf and spa Rudding Park, is the preserve king so I hope this jelly can live up to his Rowan Berry Jelly, challenge on!

What would nicely accompany this quince jelly folks? How about a mean addition to a cold meat platter or served alongside some roast pork, or why not with a ham sandwich for a quick lunch?

Quince Jelly

Quince Jelly

This free food is worth that extra effort…

Quince jelly recipe.

Steph x

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