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It is a true sign that August is here when you see the bunches of meadowsweet swathe their way through a field or bankside.

Meadowsweet in all its glory!

Meadowsweet in all its glory!

This ‘candyfloss-like’ forager’s find has fun written all over it and the flavours are great, especially in syrups for drizzling on ice cream! 

Meadowsweet Syrup Recipe

Another great use for meadowsweet is to make a delicious pannacotta. There’s nothing better than a pannacotta with a satisfying wobble – it would make any pudding lover reach for their spoon!!

Meadowsweet Pannacotta Recipe

Why not add some blackberries to garnish the top of the pannacotta? If you roll them around in a little caster sugar before you place them on top of the pudding they will be sugary sweet and a lovely fruity accompaniment. Blackberries are so early this year it is scary to think what is happening to our planet.

Below is a photo of another of my favourite meadowsweet  puddings; a lovely bowl of ice cream topped with meadowsweet syrup and some sensational fresh berries! Click here to follow my meadowsweet syrup recipe.  It is great to see this ingredient making a revival on the menus in the North of England (being a Harrogate based blog!!).

Ice Cream with Meadowsweet Syrup and Fresh Berries
Ice Cream with Meadowsweet Syrup and Fresh Berries

We love it up here in Yorkshire. It’s a really unusual flavour, almost earthy hay-like, sweet herby bundles of joy – personally I do not think I am giving the flavour enough justice!!

So next time you’re out on a walk and spot some of our flossy friend take it home and give my recipes a try….

Steph x

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