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You may remember that last week I introduced you all to the idea of olive oil infused with Chillies. Well here I look at some possible alternatives, either for your own consumption or to give as presents.

I recently spent a day with my 3 boys foraging for produce in my village, got a few items from the pantry kitchen and came up with some unique infusions – all of them use the same concept – olive oil in a bottle with some local produce.

Filling the wheelbarrow with leaves

Me and my boys collecting leaves

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Steph Moon foraging in Rudding Park by Matt Clark

foraging for nettles and burdock leaves

A stunning dish with a real sting of flavour!

Time to don your rubber gloves, my wild friends, and get out in the woods to pick some Nettle tops.  Yes – there still are some tender young shoots out  there. Pick them and give them a good wash and try this amazing zingy, zesty pasta for a snack right from the track.

Linguine Nettle and Fine Fettle Pasta Recipe

Nettle foraging tips:

This is quite a simple snack, but follow a few rules when foraging for nettles

  • Do not forage where they may have sprayed pesticides
  • Pick the tops only as they are the tender tips
  • Always wear rubber gloves or you will get stung

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Nettle in bloomYes – it’s true – as a young girl growing up on a farm, my sisters, our neighbours and I were the “Moons and Winnard’s Gang”.  Part of our gang initiation was to roll up our trouser legs and pull down our wellies before running through clumps of nettles, screaming we are the “Moons and Winnard’s gang!”

 So one might say that foraging is quite tame by comparison.  The first nettles will be with us at the end of March so I will be picking a few for old times sake – but instead of getting stung I will be happily wearing my marigolds!

Here is a great recipe for Stinging Nettle and Goats Cheese Lasagne … You too could become an honorary member of our gang! One little word of warning, if you do decide to go out foraging for nettles, just be careful that they haven’t been sprayed with pesticides.

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