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Dear Wild Cooks

Yippee I have just seen a wonderous amount of wild raspberries in the golf course woods here at Rudding Park. I filled my basket to the brim to bring you a quick and easy summery recipe to set those taste buds tingling with red fruit summer joy.

You know it makes sense to pay homage to the brilliant raspberry. For me there is nothing quite like finding some wild raspberries and making a quick raspberry pie. Pietastic!  

Raspberrys growing at Rudding Park

Follow this easy recipe for the best pie pastry . You can then fill your pie with whatever you like, raspberries, rhubarb, peaches, nectarines…you name your favourite!

Pick us a winner

Simply brush the pasty lid with with a beaten egg and cook at a moderate heat for 30 minutes for a golden ‘melt in the mouth’ pastry. If you have not already, why not take a look at our pie chart  to discover ‘what is good when’ in the world of fruit pies.

Who ate all the pies?!Pietastic raspberry pie

Steph x

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Dear Wild Cooks…

What is your favourite game?

Well there is plenty of choice in the grounds at Rudding Park. I personally have seen deer, rabbits, pheasants and hares and there are probably loads more hiding away in the parkland and around the golf courses.

Great shot of a hare!

Great shot of a hare!

Why do we sometimes turn our noses up at the wonder that is game? I really love to use game and, as a good country lass, it gives me great pleasure to see it out and about. The great thing about using game as an ingredient in my dishes is that I know my produce is low on the old food miles and high on the quality and provenance!

I have some great recipes ready for action on the Wild Cook Blog. Why not take a look and see some of our user friendly recipes for game with a difference…

Here is a real classic for perhaps the first time game eater – a palette warmer to the wonder that is game – my hearty game pie.

Do not despair if you do not share my passion for game! We do of course have many “game free” dishes on the menus at Clocktower from a Yorkshire ham sandwich to a 28 day matured fillet steak!

Steph x

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