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Yesterday I had a little spare time so the boys and I “foraged” in our garden to make the last in our series of olive oils!

Picking Lavender

my boys picking lavender

Tomás came up with the idea of trying lavender and some lemon balm from our garden, so back in the kitchen we once again got out our bottles and oil!

Putting lavender in bottle

Putting the lavender in the bottle

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Pasta and Olive OilComing from an Iberian county, olive oil is the centre of the kitchen – we use olive oil in everything.  I absolutely love olive oil.  I love it so much that on one occasion whilst back packing in India I had an enormous craving for olive oil drizzled on plain pasta.  The pasta was easy to find but there was no olive oil anywhere is Jaipur. After a few days of searching, in desperation I went to a pharmacy and I was delighted to discover that Indian boys use olive oil in their hair!  I can only tell you that this oil was super drizzled in pasta.

One of my best childhood memories is seeing bottles of olive oil at home with all sorts of things infusing in them.  I have a special recollection of an enormous bottle that was full of chillies.  Once a year it was our family tradition to top it up with new chillies and olive oil.

Many years later, I discovered that this bottle was in fact piri piri.  My family is originally from Mozambique, where piri piri comes from so when we moved to Portugal in 1974, the piri piri culture kept going in the house!

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