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Dear Wild Cooks

I would love to share my Great British Menu recipes with you all but I am under embargo at present and I must mind my P’s and Q’s if I want to be asked to go back next year – that’s if they will have me!

However, the recipes are available on the BBC website.

Great British Menu - 6:30pm BBC2

Great British Menu - 6:30pm BBC2

It is so weird watching yourself on TV! It was great to forage with my dad and I am very proud that ‘pops’  rose to the challenge as he is usually quite quiet and reserved! We had been foraging for a while, collecting ingredients for the relish and trying to perfect my pigeon dish.

It was also great too see my mum on the TV on Monday night and all the family are now buzzing with excitement!

Now, getting back to the wild food and what we are all about Wild Cooks, let’s see …..

Anyone blown away by the amount of wild garlic around at present?

Why not try this wild garlic soup recipe – it’s a classic and a taste sensation as wild garlic is one of my favourite foraged ingredients.

If you are not sure of what wild garlic is, believe me it is probably one of the easiest things to forage for as a wild food novice.

Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic Soup Recipe

You must forgive me for this rather brief blog wild cooks, but I am busy preparing for a Rudding Park press evening which is being held tonight and I need to crack on with the cooking! This afternoon’s agenda includes foraging for the wild food to accompany my Sticky Pigeon Breast with Beetroot Hedgerow Crisps and Forager’s Relish.

Why not fill in your e mail address on the home page and I will send you my wild food photos – I am sure there will be lots to see!

Steph x

(Head still not huge…did you see the look of fear at the stage where we all get our scores- dry mouths and white faces all round!)

Tune in to BBC2 tonight at 6:30 pm for the meat course!

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Love for Lovage!


Lovage love

So, my wild loving friends, how about some of nature’s loveage soup …?

This stuff grows like crazy in my sister’s garden and a smooth soup is a great way of using up those stems.

Jerome, our head chef at Clocktower, ate some of the leaves by mistake and was not overly impressed by the taste, but the stems in the soup are a different matter – really subtle and flavoursome.

Lovage soup recipe


Foraging Steph

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