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A frosty December morning is always a great time to go for a walk and yes I did take the monster (Honey Moon!)

Crab apple hunting

Crab apple hunting

Can you spot the dog?

Here she is practising her camouflage ever ready for the cat next door!

Back to apples…

Crab Apples washing

Crab Apples washing

Look what we found- crab apples and they are frosted and ripe and ready to eat. I decided to bottle them for an early Christmas present for one of our Chefs.

Crab apples draining!

Crab apples draining!

The crab apples came off the tree very easily and after a sort into sizes and a good wash in my sink it was time to bottle them.

I wanted the apples to have a gentle kick but not be too sweet so I added a little cider vinegar.

A quick easy recipe

Look what Matthew Wilkinson from our kitchen’s here at Rudding Park came up with:



Recipe to Matthew’s Apple Jelly

Recipe to Matthew’s Apple Parfait

Recipe to Matthew’s Spiced Apple Cake

Nice one Chef- love it Matthew!

Try these recipes at home or if after cooking Christmas dinner you would prefer to rest and enjoy some of these dishes at Rudding Park why not buy one of Rudding Park’s online gift vouchers. There’s Dine With Wine, Food and Flicks and plenty more to choose from.

Wishing you a very cool yule wild cooks!

Steph x

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Well we are avoiding all puns now with something that is close to my heart Yorkshire Game. Do you know your Pheasant from your Partridge, is your Grouse Famous or have you recently jugged your hare?!


Eddie Gray,Stephanie Moon and Matthew Wilkinson (pictured above at Rudding Park) have picked up the “game gauntlet” and are going for it. The following dishes are live this week on the Clocktower menu to support the Countryside Alliance’s Game to Eat campaign.

Please take your pick from the following game recipes cooked by the following chefs…


Eddie Gray…

To Start

Tea Smoked Wild Duck
Trio of pickled beetroot, pickering watercress

Duck Starter

Main course

Poached Rabbit Saddle
Wild mushroom crust, rabbit and pearl barley risotto, Kale, ginger beer jus

Rabbit Main 2



Matthew Wilkinson…

To Start

Braised Hare Pappardelle Pasta
Tomato, rosemary, smoked pancetta

Hare Starter 2

Main course

Roast Pheasant
Black truffle, tarragon, chorizo, charred squash, butter beans, game jus



Stephanie Moon…

To Start

Fresh wasabi, dandelion and burdock salad, venison wonton

Steph's Venison steak tartar

Steph’s Venison steak tartar

Main Course

Barbeque North York Moor Partridge
Smoky bacon mash potato, collard greens, corn and chilli salsa

So why not try these recipes if you are game!

With some fresh new approaches to classic game, each Chef has made you an easy recipe and a slighty more complex one to flex your culinary arm.

Game On Wild Cooks!

Make the most of Game to Eat Week whilst it is here – Enjoy these healthy, low in fat, tasty dishes at Clocktower before having a go at the recipes in your own home.

Low in food miles but hopefully high in food styles!

Steph x

Just off to pluck a few partridge!



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When approcahed by a Master Chef Finalist to see if he can “call in” on his Yorkshire Food Tour it is time to dust off those forager boots and go see what’s out there.

Peter, Tom and I foraged in the golf course woods at Rudding Park

Peter, Tom and I foraged in the golf course woods at Rudding Park

I have to say I have been hearing a lot about Tom Rennolds locally, and his Food Tour of Yorkshire is definitely on a roll.

Travelling in ‘Percy’ the VW camper with his mate Johnny and a film crew, Tom is currently ‘gastronomically experiencing’ Yorkshire for a week. We were so pleased that he chose to forage at Rudding Park and we enjoyed preparing and sharing a ‘wild cook’ style dinner for the whole team that evening at Clocktower. After a greulling few days on the road and feeling quite content with their surroundings, the team wisely chose a to stay at the hotel instead of their beloved camper! It was a logical decision since their next stop was at Fodder early the next morning, just a mile up the road from Rudding Park.  They had scheduled a sausage making session with my mate Paul Nicholson, head butcher at Fodder and incidentally my partner in crime for this year’s Great Yorkshire Show Game Cookery demonstration! 

Anyway, back to the boys’ visit to Rudding Park. They rolled up in a camper van (my brother-in-law is a great fan of this mode of transport and I have even owned one myself back in the days of living in Australia, and it did have Mr Men curtains!), and we spent an hour or so foraging the beautiful parkland.  Tom is a lovely guy and a really genuine person with an almighty passion for food. He has a great deal of stories about growing up and even some fascinating forager tales, such as crayfishing in his hometown of Ilkley. So Peter and I showed him some of our own crayfish here at Rudding Park!

Peter , Tom and Two Crayfish!

Peter , Tom and Two Crayfish!

We continued on and found cleavers, nettles, jack by the hedge, wild garlic, crayfish, the odd pheasant and even a hare! Tom liked the flavour of ground ivy but I think wood sorrel was his favourite which isn’t a bad thing since Rene Redzephi from Noma says that “Wood Sorrel is the glue that sticks his team together”.

Onto Clocktower we drove and enjoyed a relaxed evening eating our way through the following menu:

Forager’s Springtime Soup
Rudding Park Rabbit
prepared by yours truly with marinated loin, confit leg croquette, heart and nettle puree with a rabbit lollipop

‘0 miles’ Pigeon with Yorkshire Venison
sweet potato fondant, braised red cabbage
Frangipane Tart
apple sorbet, elderflower jelly (made with last year’s Elderflower cordial as they are not ready yet). However, have any of you seen the buds out and about? They are looking great don’t you think wild cooks?

The Clocktower chefs did us proud, thanks guys and the team out front were great too.

Tom and Johnny plan to visit two great chefs in the region, Brian Turner and Rosemary Shrager. They have both stayed at Rudding Park in the past and I have had the pleasure to meet them on many occasions. Tom, a wild cook’s insight, they are lovely!

The thing I liked to hear about Tom’s Food Tour for Yorkshire is that he is visiting large and small companies and meeting people who really contribute to and support local produce in the region. It’s a great idea lads and good luck to them as later this year they are hosting a food festival in Tom’s home town of Ilkley.

Thanks guys for asking me to take part in some foodie fun in Ilkley, I cannot wait. It sounds like a great idea and a grand day out. Good luck with the rest of the tour, I hope “Percy” can cope with all this food – he should feel very honoured to have a home made camper van cake on board!!

A real pleasure to meet you Tom, happy cooking. Yorkshire is a better place with you in it Chef!

Steph x

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Dear Wild Cooks,

What an experience, what fun! It was amazing to be a part of the Great British Menu and many thanks to the crew for making the whole experience truly memorable.

I want all my Wild Cooks to have the recipes and I have included a few tips and inspirations along the way to tell you how each dish came about.

It is a monster blog but probably best to be digested as one piece!

Overall, I thought what the judges said was fair and in some cases very kind. It made my day when I heard Prue Leith comment about my cooking ability, Oliver Peyton’s vote and Matthew Fort’s comment on the lamb ‘being wonderful’. Nigel Haworth too was full of constructive criticism and also praise which was very grounding and kept us three chefs motivated throughout the week.

I hope you enjoyed my week and enjoy the rest of the series!

Steph x

view my Great British Menu recipes and tips

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What a line up my fellow Wild Cook! This is as scary as it gets, cooking with two fellow Yorkshire based Chefs in the Great British Menu.

Andrew Pern, Nigel Howarth, Stephanie Moon and Tim Bilton

Andrew Pern, Nigel Howarth, Stephanie Moon and Tim Bilton

Pictured here left to right Andrew Pern, our mentor judge from Michelin starred Northcote Manor in Langho Lancashire Nigel Howarth, me with my white face of pure fear = Stephanie Moon,  and Tim Bilton.

What a week! I hope you get chance to watch and enjoy the programme, it was full of culinary fun and some scary moments.

I do not think anything can prepare you for the challenge. Firstly cooking for Nigel Howarth and the pressure you feel cooking for a true Great British Menu mentor, and secondly the really tough competition with the other Chefs.

Great British Menu judges Oliver Peyton, Prue Leith and Matthew Fort

Great British Menu judges Oliver Peyton, Prue Leith and Matthew Fort

All three of us were hungry to do well, so you will have to watch the programme to see what happens!

Great British Menu – start Monday 4 April at 6:30pm on BBC2.

Watch out on the Wild Cooks Blog for my Great British Menu and recipes next week!

Steph x

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Steph Moon Commis for Sam Miller, Sous Chef from Noma in Copenhagen,  as he guest chefs at the Cooking Rooms in York …

Table set for lunch at The Cooking Rooms, York

Table set for lunch

It is not often you get an opportunity to cook with the Sous Chef of the World Famous Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen, so I jumped at the chance. Even better, I also got to do some foraging for the menu too!

This is my biggest blog yet; a feast of a blog, but it would be criminal to make you wait for the rest of the dishes. It has to be seen all at once.

The day was like riding a culinary roller coaster – an amazing thrill to the taste buds and the eyes. Everything was so fresh and new and exciting.

The York Cooking Rooms are one of the newest cookery schools in Yorkshire and they are certainly the most adventurous; snaring Sam Miller for a lunch menu that had Noma dishes lined up like a gourmet fashion show, with each one rolled out to greater appreciation from the diners. 

read more

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Green GooseberriesIt was last week and the weather was raining on and off, but the dishes had a wild flavour, with some of our foraged findings featuring high on the menu. Sadly I am bound to secrecy over the specifics – you will have to watch the programme in September to see what we cooked, why and how. Let’s just say that it should make for some entertaining TV viewing!

It was great fun – the crew and presenter where fantastic. My good friend Rob was my culinary partner on the set and we both cooked our hearts out.

Look out folks for this new cookery programme in September – prime time at 7:30pm.  More details to follow nearer the time.

In the meantime, here is a little something to whet the appetite! Steph x

Rudding Park's Steph Moon cooks for a TV programmeRudding Park's Steph Moon cooks for a TV programme

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