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Wild Cooks take a goosey goosey gander at this…..

Is your family a fan of turkey or goose on Christmas Day? I have to confess my family and I usually opt for the traditional turkey, however this year an offer of a goose from one of my farming family friends has given me the goose bumps!

Do we go for goose and, if so, what are the draw backs…?

As a child I always remember being traumatized by our goose, Petunia, when I went to hang out washing or feed the lambs. I was delighted when my Dad said Petunia ‘was going’, then I was re-traumatized when she turned up three days later on my plate! I simply could not eat it, the thought of that nasty hissing goose (which I secretly quite liked!!) on my dinner plate turned my stomach!

So the thought of cooking goose on Christmas Day really fills me with woe! Crazy as it sounds, I have been cooking for 22 years now and have had barely any experience cooking goose – perhaps these traumas have subconsciously
stayed with me! So Goose Goose please let loose…

Hugh, one of our Wild Cooks gurus, roasts it with apple sauce.

Gordon keeps the fat for the winter months

Jamie cooks his a day before and re heats it

Delia stuffs hers with prunes soaked in Armagnac

Nigella has done more for goose fat sales when roasting potatoes than anyone!

So what are we going to do with ours?  Take a gander at this recipe of festive fun guaranteed to turn even the thinnest of necks! – sorry for the puns, they are coming in thick and fast it’s driving me quackers!

Look at our recipe here….

Merry Christmas!

Steph x

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Pheasant9 December – why not leave the Turkey to roost this Christmas and ring in the changes with a pheasant dish – take a look at our pheasant recipe, which is ideal if you are having a smaller Christmas gathering.  Dash down to your butcher and order your brace today.

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